Opening the App

The first step to getting started with TabSpace is to open up the main page. The main page is a client that you can use to view and organize your tabs. Pressing the TabSpace Icon in the top right corner of your browser will take you to the main page.

Tab Display

The main page shows you all your tabs. Every window is depicted by a table and every tab is a row in that table. This lets you see your browser activity all in one place. Sometimes, if you open too many tabs, you can't see the titles or icons for any of them. In TabSpace, you can always look at everything you have in a structured format.


Tabspace gives you many tools to structure your tabs. All of them are located just above the browser activity tables. Most of them involve selecting tabs. On the left hand side of every row there is a checkbox. This can be used to select tabs.


Create is the most complex tool. It is the only tool that doesn't require selecting tabs because there is no required input to creating a new tab or window. Pressing create opens a drop down menu with three items in it. The first is to create a new window. The second is to create a new tab in any location. You can specify a url or leave it as a blank tab. The third is to restore a TabSpace bookmark to a new window.


After selecting tabs and pressing move, a location selection appears. At the top, the location selector has an option to add the tabs to a new window, or to cancel the action. In addition every row has an add-after-here button. This allows you to position the tabs in any location.


After selecting tabs, press the remove button to close them down. Make sure to save he tabs you want to come back to before you remove them.


Pressing the bookmark button with tabs selected opens a popup to name the tabs as a group entity. Within the TabSpace bookmark folder, the name you chose is created as a folder and all the tabs selected are bookmarked there. From here you can remove the tabs, or leave them. These bookmarks can be restored with create.


The first tab selected in Highlight is moved to the front.


Next to every tab selected to be duplicated, a new tab is created with the same url.


Every tab selected is reloaded.



The options page is basically the settings menu for TabSpace. It opens when you first install TabSpace, but it is also accessible by right clicking the TabSpace Icon. Here you can control some of the main features of TabSpace.

Open as Popup

First, there are two ways to display the TabSpace main page. By default the box is unchecked, meaning TabSpace will be opened as a website in the browser. Instead, if the box is checked it will be opened as a separate app popup window. Keep in mind that a new TabSpace window/tab is only created if there are no currently existing TabSpace windows/tabs open.


Notifications are useful for users who forget to keep their tabs organized or need a little nudge every now and then to stay on task. If you turn this feature on, you select how many tabs and/or windows will trigger a reminder. By default this feature is off.


This gives you the ability to turn off any of the actions if they are not something you want to use. By default all actions are on.

Show Bookmarks in Bar

When you bookmark tabs they go inside of a main folder, called TabSpace. This folder can be nested inside the Bookmarks Bar folder, and will be displayed if you have the bookmarks bar enabled, or in the Other Bookmarks Folder, which will never be displayed. By default the folder is put in the Bookmarks Bar folder.

Redirect back to TabSpace

Some actions, such as create and move generate new tabs or windows. Chrome will normally take you to those new windows, and away from TabSpace. By default TabSpace prevents this from happening and does not allow the redirect.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+1: Open the TabSpace Main Page

Ctrl+Alt+N: Select New Window for Move, Create

Ctrl+Alt+C: Select Cancel for Move, Create

Up/J: Scroll Up in Window/Tab Tables

Down/K: Scroll Down in Window/Tab Tables

Enter: Select Item in Window/Tab Tables

Tab --> Enter: Navigate Popups for Bookmark, Create

Ctrl+Alt+W: Create a new window

Ctrl+Alt+M: Move

Ctrl+Alt+R: Remove

Ctrl+Alt+B: Bookmark

Ctrl+Alt+H: Highlight

Ctrl+Alt+D: Duplicate

Ctrl+Alt+A: Reload

Change Log


Syntax and Style Cleanup


Saved-Tab Editor, Options Additions, and Selected Tab Action Dependence


Removed Bookmark Dependence for Syncing Saved Tabs and Fixed Options Popup Bug


Fix Move Button and Header Styling


Syntax Cleanup


Volume Button Links and Native Images


Volume Buttons and Header Content


Bookmark Additions


Offline/Privitization Migration


Actions and Features Construction


Concept and Window/Tab Table Construction